Absolutely Bizarre

1:18 AM Posted by Natalie

Okay, this is just crazy to me....

So I am already up way too late, but I was moving some things around on my blog and when I moved my Entrecard widget from the left to the right side, it would NOT show up. When I reloaded the page and checked the code, it would be different from the code given on the Entrecard site. I'd fix it, save it, and reload the page and still nothing. Tried moving it to the top of the sidebar, still nothing. I tried putting it back on the left side and that worked! Then it showed up on the right side, too. So then I thought I'd try to trick my page and delete the one on the left side. So far so good....until I reloaded the page again, then it disappeared again. AHHH!!!! I did notice, though, that the code is different now when I checked it just like when I tried to put it on the other side, but it still shows up. Does anyone have any idea why I can't get it to show up in my right sidebar? Why would that be? That's where I want it, darnit! What the H???