Before and After

1:17 PM Posted by Natalie

Our new furniture was delivered today!!! WOOHOO!!!! For those that don't know, we (or at least *I*) have been wanting new living room furniture for a LONG time, even before we moved. The sofa we were using was my mom's old one and, sorry mom, but it was definitely NOT my style. We had a sofa cover on it for awhile, but that just got to be a pain in the butt. It didn't fit properly, it was constantly wrinkled, coming untucked, and dragging the floor, and it just looked bad. So, I did away with the cover and just dealt with the country blue plaid fabric. Throw in mis-matched floor lamps, one of which actually belonged in Alec and Kyle's room (since our only remaining table lamp bit the dust during the move), one beat-up end table, a dirty recliner, and wood paneling, and we had quite an "eclectic" living room going on here in our new house.


Yeah, the rug didn't go, either. It was from another room in our old house.

And this is the top of one of our mangled end tables (the other one is in our bedroom because, well, we need furniture in there, too!). For some reason, a couple of our children decided that was a good place to bang toys. BOTH of our end tables ended up looking like this:

After hunting high and low, we found a new set that both Shaun and I agreed on. We are loving it because it's a reclining sofa. Because of the awkward space in our living room, having an ottoman or coffee table would be too crowded, and I have desperately been wanting something to put my feet up on. So, we decided a reclining sofa was the way to go. It was hard finding something that had both comfort and style, but I think we did good:

We're waiting on the matching recliner, which will take several more weeks to come in. Of course, now I am anxious to get the paneling off the walls and get them painted! It's really going to brighten it up in there and make it feel more modern. I will probably also change the rug, and we are planning to get rid of the TV armoire and get something less bulky. So, it's a work in progress, but I am SO happy with new furniture!

Shaun is planning to get an electric fence for the back yard. I wonder if we could get it for our living room, too? ;)


  1. Angie Vinez said...

    I LOVE the new furniture! And I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO jealous of that fireplace and those wood floors!

    Gorgeous, Nat!!! I love it!

  2. Proud Parents of Halainah Grace said...

    I really like the room Nat....It has a cozy homey feeling. Love the fireplace and the new furniture.