So I've been thinking....

2:39 PM Posted by Natalie

All this blog business got me thinking. I'm very interested in having a blog that is geared toward networking with and helping other moms by not only sharing stories, but also helpful tips, advice, deals, and giveaways, as well as advertising for mom-run businesses. I know there is a growing number of these sites out there, but I think we all have something that is uniquely our own to offer. However, this blog was created with mostly personal family stuff in mind, and I would like it to reflect my main purpose because I think it would do better that way.

So, I am considering creating a separate blog that is devoted to this. What do you think? (Of course, I just signed up for Entrecard using this blog, which may complicate things if I have to delete one account and create a new one for the new blog.) On the other hand, things may not go as I hope and it could be a big waste of time, but I guess I won't know unless I try. I love to share advice with other moms that draws from my own experience as a mother of 4, and great deals and products that I love. Just ask the ladies from my mom's message board ;) Why should we go through every product out there or every technique before we find the one that actually works when we can get that information from other moms and get it right without so much fuss?

Let me know what you think. And, if you think it's a good idea, I need your help with something else....a name! It needs to be something original and that reflects the purpose of the new blog. I've been thinking on it, but am pretty much coming up blank. I'd love to hear some suggestions! You can give me as many ideas as you like, and if I choose one of yours, I'll do something for you in return (should I decide to actually do this, that is). Please comment back to this post and help me out!


  1. Julie D said...

    You won't have to delete your Entrecard account. They will actually let you link accounts together. You can drop up to 300 on each account, and you can pass credits back and forth.

    Many bloggers have separate reviews sites. I don't do enough reviews to justify another site (and I would get too confused!)

    There are some great sites to help you connect with other bloggers.