Thank You

9:20 PM Posted by Natalie

I just wanted to say thank you to those that responded to my post about blogging the other day. The reason it all came about was that I had gotten this idea in my head about starting a separate blog that featured product reviews, giveaways, etc. Since I entered the blogosphere, I have visited a number of these sites and participated in their giveaways. Looking through them, it looked like fun. A way I could be of some benefit to other moms, I guess. Maybe even a purpose for myself, I don't know. Being a stay-at-home mom comes with a little bit of a price. I often find myself wondering what else I can do to help support this family, or what I have that is just mine. Know what I mean? Anyway, I got to thinking that if I don't have much interest here, I probably wouldn't there. And how do you get one of those started anyway? And given that even entering a giveaway can take a decent amount of computer time, how would I make time for creating an entire blog for one? And then handling all of the admin of it? So I got frustrated. Maybe silly, but true.

And so I realized that this blogging thing was supposed to be fun. And I'll just post whatever, whenever, probably often later when the kids are all in bed. And sometimes people will read it ;) And sometimes they won't. And sometimes they'll comment. And sometimes they won't. And maybe I'll still get to do a giveaway here and there. (Great for my readers, you'll have a real good shot at winning!) And I'm a mom. That's the job God gave me, and it's a pretty important one indeed. And I got to thinking about whether God would care if I had a popular internet blog. Go ahead, giggle. I did!


  1. Jess said...

    I feel the same way!
    I'm always wanting to do something to help out with our income, but I never find the 'right' thing!