Snow Days

9:39 PM Posted by Natalie

It was pretty much a given that the boys would be off school today, and sure enough, the call came last night after I had put them all to bed. So, I made good on my promise and we all went out to play this afternoon. This was the first time Lauren had been out to play in the snow. Didn't she look cute all bundled up? Yes, she is wearing blue boots. Of course, I'd much rather they were pink, but I had not bought her a pair of boots this year, and I've got just about every size from the boys, so they "had" to do ;)

I had sent the kids out one by one as they finished their lunch and I got them all bundled up.

Sledding was a given since we now live in a place where there are hills everywhere. Heck, our back yard is a hill. But, it's not a steep hill by any stretch and I would never have imagined it would be so good for sledding. I had a BALL! I couldn't believe how fast you could get going down it. Lauren even went down on the sled with me a couple of times. I was impressed! The last time did her in, though. She was ready to go inside and I wanted to go down the hill just ONE more time. So, she got on with me and I had not expected we would go as far as we did. We jumped the little ledge at the edge of our yard and went zooming down the lot behind us. If I hadn't stopped us, we would have gone clear down to the street! Poor little Lauren got snow in her face. She was so bright pink that I knew it was time to go in for some hot chocolate.

Kyle had been doing fine when I first got outside with Lauren, but a short time later, he got all crabby for no apparent reason.

This face and crying went on and on and on, practically the whole time we were out there. I had no idea why. He just stood in the yard like that. This is what I am talking about when I talk about Kyle's difficult temperment. I kept asking him to go on the sled with me and he refused, only to cry harder when I went without him. I'd ask him what was wrong only to get either no response, or incomprehensible mumbling between cries. This is typical Kyle. So I finally took him into the garage for a little one-on-one hoping I could snap him out of it. We went back in the back yard and he did finally go on the sled with me once, but he continued to be contrary.

By this time, Lauren was ready to go inside, so I brought him in, too. When we got in and started taking everything off, I discovered that his poor little feet were completely wet! I have no idea how they got so wet....whether his boots had fallen off while he was outside before I got out there, or whether they just sucked, but both pairs of socks were completely wet and cold. I had no clue! Why couldn't he have told me that his feet were wet? Or at least cold? I would have brought him in right away and taken care of it. I felt bad, but I'm tellin' ya, this kid is a challenge!

So we all came inside, thawed out, and enjoyed a yummy cup of hot chocolate with plenty of marshmallows. It was fun, but I think next time maybe we should just sled with Joey and Alec. Since Shaun was working, I had to have them all outside, which I had wanted to anyway. As it turned out, we got quite a bit more sleet and snow today. It's actually still snowing lightly out there now. So, no school tomorrow, either! I'm actually glad because Shaun had already taken the day off for the school's annual Super Bowl game for the kids. That's been cancelled, so that means we can take turns sledding with the boys! WOOHOO!!! LOL!