Let it Snow!

8:08 PM Posted by Natalie

I'm totally ready for spring, but I have to say that I was excited when I heard a winter storm was coming. We haven't had a real snow here yet, and I was starting to wonder if we'd get a good one at all this winter. Being in our new house with the big front and back yards and kids all over the place, I've been wanting a big snow so the kids could go out and play in it. It started icing a few hours ago and now it's turned to snow. We're supposed to get 4-7 inches. So, it's pretty much a certainty there will be no school tomorrow. The kids are still up (but not for long!) and I have already been planning that we will all go outside tomorrow to play in the snow and then come in for some hot chocolate. WOOHOO!!!! (Although, it's going to be VERY cold, so we'll freeze our patooties off.) I can't wait to see how pretty it looks around here with all the hills and trees covered in fresh snow. I love it here!!!