Big Crumbs and Swagbucks

2:46 PM Posted by Natalie

What the heck are Big Crumbs and Swagbucks? Believe it or not, free money! Well, sort of. I mean, with Big Crumbs you have to spend money, but you earn cash back on purchases you would have made online anyway. REAL cash. With the internet as big as it is now and having 4 children, I have found myself doing a lot more shopping online. I can do it in the comfort of my home, search many stores with the click of a mouse, compare prices, order it up, and have it delivered right to my door. While you usually have to pay for shipping, sometimes it's worth it in the amount of shopping and driving you would have to do if you went out to all the stores you wanted to shop at. Other times, I simply can't find what I want in the store. Sometimes retailers have online coupons, offers, or sales that they don't in the stores. And, this includes one of our favorites....Ebay! (I once joked to my sister that you could even find a booger on Ebay. Although our search didn't find an actual booger, we did find booger-related items. HA!) So, if you are going to buy something online anyway, why not get a little cash back while you're at it?

There really is no catch. I've been a Big Crumbs member since 2007 and all I've had to do is shop through the store links on their website and earn my cash back. That's it! Big Crumbs also has special offers for retailers only available through their site. I recently earned cash back on a purchase I made from Vista Print. I almost forgot to go through Big Crumbs and when I went back to purchase what was in my shopping cart, I got additional discounts by shopping through Big Crumbs AND got cash back. Plus, if you join as a Crumb Earner and get others to sign up using your referral link, YOU get cash back for purchases THEY make! If you'd like to check it out, click on the link in my right sidebar. Even if you don't join but you make a purchase using my link, I'll STILL get cash back!

Swagbucks is a site where you can earn "digital dollars" to make purchases in the Swagbucks online store. Items in their store include hundreds of items from gift cards to electronics. How do you earn Swagbucks? All you have to do is an online search using the Swagbucks search engine just like you would with Google or any other search engine. That's it! You won't earn Swagbucks with every single search, but with each search you have an opportunity to win. You can also earn Swagbucks by clicking through the links on their site to make purchases at online retailers, referring friends, and recycling your old cell phones or Mp3 players. I've already earned 16 Swagbucks just by doing searches. If you're interested in signing up, click the button in my right sidebar and check it out. If you join through my link, I'll earn Swagbucks, too!

I promise, no catch to either of these sites. I just wanted to pass them along to you and maybe earn a little more for myself in the process! ;)