9:42 PM Posted by Natalie

My computer is dead. No warning, not even a cough, it just up and died on me this afternoon. *Sniff, Sniff* Shaun thought the power supply was just fried, so he went out and got a new one and replaced it. But, that was apparently not all. Luckily he has most of the parts he needs to build me a new one, but still has to buy me a new motherboard. If we just get one from the store, I can be up and running again sometime tomorrow, but it's 75 bucks. If he orders an open-box one from Newegg, we can get for more like $40, but then I'll probably be down for about 5 days. UGH! Not that I can't use Shaun's when I need to, but I'm so used to having my own.

So, if I'm scarce for a few days, that's why. Please don't forget about me! ;)