Budget Hair Cuts

8:45 PM Posted by Natalie

So I posted the pictures of Lauren's new hair cut the other day. I had taken her to Fantastic Sams. I'm not totally sure why since the last couple of times I had her hair cut at one of their salons and I wasn't totally happy with what they did. But, figuring we'd moved and this would be a different one, maybe we'd get a better stylist. Cute as it is, I won't be taking her back there again.

I kinda thought there might be a problem while we were there because I noticed that the gal had the cape kind of bunched up behind her neck while she was cutting her hair. I had taken off Lauren's hooded sweater because I knew the hood would make it difficult for her hair to lay flat so she could cut it straight. Why she had the cape that way I do not know. When she was finishing up she asked how it looked and I checked the back and saw an area where it was uneven. She checked and checked and checked and then finally said, "Oh, it sure is." Shouldn't these people at least be able to see if the hair is straight? I mean, I'm no trained stylist and I could see that pretty easily.

So since the cut I've noticed two things. I told her I part it on the side to help fill in the side Lauren cut a few months ago. So she cut it that way, which is fine, but I guess she did that with the bangs, too, and now Lauren has pieces that hang down longer than the rest. I've always parted my hair on the side, but they always (when I had bangs) combed them all forward to cut them. Then after her bath tonight, I looked closely at the back as I combed it out. It's totally NOT even. I mean, it's not disastrous, but it ticks me off. $11.95 plus a tip for a simple cut and they can't even get it straight? I know it can be difficult to give little kids haircuts, but Lauren is REALLY good when she gets her hair cut. She gets completely serious and quiet. The other stylist in the salon even made a comment about her being like she was in a trance or something.

I may need to take her somewhere to try to get it even, but where? I just read a story on another gal's blog about a botched hair cut her son got from Great Clips. She had a picture, too, and it was pretty bad. I'd probably do just as well to have Shaun trim it. Seriously. He gives all the boys their hair cuts.


  1. Jess said...

    I'd probably go with having Shaun cut her hair. I've had no luck with getting my girls hair cut right. My oldest had her hair cut in a cute bob, but it was SO uneven, I was snipping it to fix it! I'm not trained either, but it was horrible!!

  2. GreatHairGuy said...

    I've taken my daughter to Great Clips for years and never had a significant problem. We've had many different styles over the years.

  3. Proud Parents of Halainah Grace said...

    Sorry to hear about the hair cut issues Nat. Lauren still looks so dang blasted cute :)

  4. Lisa P said...

    Ok man one huge elsson I have learned. In the way of hair you most certainly get what you pay for! I couldnt get into a woman who cut my hair perfectly and thought well I will go to supercuts. BIG mistake it was so uneven and way to short I had cowlicks all over! Its just now growing out 2 months later.