3:05 PM Posted by Natalie

Well, after some marathon bow making, I managed to finish both the bow bouquet and bow basket for the silent auction. (I really should learn not to procrastinate!) I took them up to church today and I am really hoping that they will get some good bids. Of course I want to be able to make some money for school, but I also worked really hard on everything and hope people are able to appreciate the time these actually take.

Here are some pictures of my creations. Both include 6 bows and 6 hair clips.






  1. Angie Vinez said...


    I love making the bow bouquets. I had taken them off my website, but I had so many requests for them that I had to bring them back! :)

    Hope they bring in lots of $$ for the auction!

  2. Heather L. said...

    Love them, Natalie! You did a great job =) And I recognize some of those embellishments LOL!

  3. Corrie at "Cents"able Momma said...

    Wow...those are great! Now, if I only had a little girl to put them on...I don't think my boys would appreciate bows in their hair :-).

  4. Lisa J. said...

    SERIOUSLY cute!!! I'm sure they will do well or those bidderes have no taste! I love them!!! (Makes me want to cry that NEITHER of the girls will wear them anymore. Boo hoo!!!)

  5. Dee said...

    Those are SOOOOOOOOO cute!! I recently found out that I was having a girl and not the boy like they had said before! I cant wait to do all the girly stuff...only 3 more months!

  6. Anonymous said...

    These are gorgeous! Very impressive.

  7. Storm, The Psychotic Housewife said...

    Those are cute!

  8. Michele said...

    What a great idea!!!! You did an awesome job!!!!