Kohl's Grand Opening Sale and Target Free Shipping

2:23 PM Posted by Natalie

I like to share sales and deals whenever I can and right now there are two I am taking advantage of. Kohl's is having a Grand Opening sale beginning Wednesday, March 4th. Sale prices range from 15% - 60% off, plus if you use your Kohl's charge, you can receive an ADDITIONAL 15%, 20%, or 30% off in-store or online! Clearance items are 60% - 80% off! If you have a Kohl's card and didn't receive a peel-off coupon in the mail, they usually have them in the stores, just ask for one when you check-out.

I have a Kohl's charge that I got a few years ago to help out when I need to stock up for the kids. When they have a sale with additional savings for using your Kohl's card (card holders receive coupons for extra savings 12 times a year), what I like to do is take advantage of the sale using my card and then pay it off right away to avoid those nasty finance charges. Of course, we know this can be a trap, but if you're careful, you can save extra money. Just make sure you actually have the money to shop so you can just pay it off. Joey is in need of some clothes, (plus I don't think I'm done with Lauren yet) so I'm going to head on over there on Wednesday evening. Unfortunately, kids don't stop growing just because the economy does! So, we gotta save where we can. You can preview the Kohl's Grand Opening sale here.

Also, if you sign up for their email alerts, they will send you a coupon for $5 off in-store and 10% off online. I do not know if this can be combined with the other discount offer.

Target is currently having FREE shipping on many items for orders of $50 or more. I don't order from them online very often, but once in awhile they have something I really want but can't get the right size or can't find it in the store. I just had this happen with a couple of things I wanted for Lauren and a couple I wanted for myself. One of the things I like about Target's website is that you can check an item's availability at your local stores. That way, you don't have to go driving all over town only to find the other stores don't have it, either. And if you can't find it nearby, right now you can take advantage of their free shipping offer and get what you wanted delivered right to your door. I did!


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