More great giveaways!

9:46 PM Posted by Natalie

I visited the blog Jamie's Precious Peas and she has a TON of terrific giveaways. There are two I am entering to try to win a great Christmas gift for Lauren.

Joovy Strollers & Toys ~ Countdown to Christmas Giveaway!

The first one is a chance to win a Joovy Just-Like-Mine! Toy Caboose stroller. When I went to visit my friend Angie in Georgia, I took her our baby swing to use for Parker. Before I left, I had it set up in the house to clean it up and make sure everything was working. Lauren had the BEST time putting her baby dolls in it and swinging them. A lightbulb went off and I decided Santa should bring her some accessories for her babies this Christmas. So far I have gotten a darling little doll swing and a wooden cradle off of Craigslist. This stroller would be an awesome addition! Visit the link above or click here for your chance to win! If you enter, be sure to put my name in your comment so I can go back and use your referral for an additional entry!

Love Bug Clothing ~ Countdown to Christmas Giveaway!

The second giveaway I'm entering at Jamie's Precious Peas is for an absolutely beautiful little tutu from Love Bug Clothing. (If you happen to be an expectant little mama, you can select a maternity tee instead.) Being a woman who loves all things girly, I knew I had to enter to win this precious little tutu. It would make a great Christmas gift, too! Visit the above link or click here to enter for your chance to win one of these great items!

Visit Jamie's Precious Peas and check out all of the fabulous Christmas giveaways she has going on!