Contest addiction

11:10 PM Posted by Natalie

Well, my dear friend Angie just had to blog about another giveaway, and now I'm like an addict or something.

Lucky Me Tee Giveaway!

Catherine over at 3 Kids and Us is having a giveaway for a darling Lucky Me Tee. As a mom of 4 myself, I can appreciate the need for a tee like this! So many people ask, "Are they all yours?" And for some reason, many feel the need to inquire about our future reproductive plans as if it's their business, or they have some vested interest in what our personal, private family plans are. "Are you done?" "How many are you going to have?" "You know what causes that, right?" You'd think we were dropping them off on doorsteps all around the state. So, a shirt like this for me would be great! Of course, they don't have one that says, "Yes, they're all mine. Yes, we know what causes it. No, we're not done. I don't know how many we're gonna have. It's none of your business. We pay for them. We take care of them. Now, shut up!" I guess the "Mommy of 4" one will have to do. ;)

If you'd like one of these great tees, you can enter, too, by clicking the link above!


  1. Angie Vinez said...

    Dude! I need 7 of those shirts. I'd wear one every day of the week!

    I get SO tired of being asked if they're all mine. So freaking what if they ARE? And what if I actually LIKE having a big family? God forbid.

    Sorry - off my soap box. Cool shirts, though, eh?

    You do know that if you win, and you select a Mom of 4 shirt, you're going to get pregnant, right? Guess I'll have to keep everything crossed that you win - even if I want a shirt! :)

  2. Natalie said...

    Pfft!!! I brought all that baby stuff down to you, just gave some of Lauren's clothes to my stepsister for her little girl, and still NOTHING! AF arrived a couple of days ago, right on time. I may have to sell of the whole lot of it, win the shirt, and I'm not even sure that will work! LOL!