The Show Must Go On

10:09 PM Posted by Natalie

I'm pretty sure that many of the moms out here in the blogosphere have at least heard of, if not seen, the reality TV show "Jon and Kate Plus 8" which airs on TLC. The show chronicles the lives of Jon and Kate Gosselin and their 8 children, one set of twins and a set of sextuplets. I haven't watched regularly by any stretch, but I've caught more than a few episodes in the past. Although I didn't find Kate particularly endearing, I did like the fact that, as a parent, I could identify with much of what they were going through, even though I don't have multiples myself. The show seemed to be a hit.

I'm also pretty sure that, if you've watched or heard of the show, you've probably also heard the stories coming out recently about Jon's alleged infidelities and rumors of Kate having some kind of relationship with her bodyguard. Not only has Jon supposedly been having an affair with a younger woman, it has also been alleged that he's been inappropriate with some college girls. And in the middle of all this controversy are 8 small children.

When I did watch the show, I always marveled at all of the things this large family was able to do...going to an organic farm and buying their own side of beef, a ski vacation, and although I didn't actually see the episode, I saw the previews for a vow renewal in Hawaii. They apparently have a million-dollar home. Even in the episode where they got new carpet, it seems the carpet was also a perk. Wow, this reality show stuff pays really well, I guess. We haven't been able to afford to take our 4 children on a vacation, much less 8 of them. But how valuable are those perks when the cost is destroying your family? How much are those 8 little lives worth?

Apparently, it's all worth it in the end to Kate. I watched a video story online today about the most recent developments since their new season just premiered, featuring the couple discussing these troubling new issues. According to the reporter, whatever happens, Kate says the show must go on, even if it's just "Kate Plus 8".

8 little miracles that beat the odds can be yours for just the price of a few vacations, a nice house, some new carpet, and a side of beef. What a tragedy.


  1. Mrs. S said...

    I'm not sure if it's the perks of the show that make Kate want to go on with the show, but rather the opportunity to provide for her family. Because, honestly, how will she provide for 8 kids with or without her husband? If Jon and her stay together, daycare would be ridiculous so one of them would have to stay home. He wasn't able to pay all the bills (plus, a lot of companies won't take him on for insurance purposes if you read Multiple Blessings) before the show. And she was a nurse; that won't cover all costs.

    It's just a rock and a hard place they're in. I hope they don't divorce because they would do more damage than any show could.

  2. Natalie said...

    Well, the sextuplets are 5, right? So if they aren't in kindergarten now, they will be pretty soon. (I honestly haven't watched the show in awhile.) That means they will be in school most of the time. According to reports, they make $25,000-$50,000 per episode. $50,000 isn't that much less than what my husband makes in a year. How many seasons have they been on? Plus, I know Kate has some sort of book deal going on, too.

    If they put that money away (and maybe they did, I don't know), I'd say that should be quite a nice sum to take care of them for awhile. Many large families make it work without their own TV show, I can assure you. They are now in the midst of a family crisis that threatens to destroy them, which surely won't be made easier by the presence of cameras and John Q. Public watching it all unfold with their bowls of popcorn in their laps. Even family members are urging them to pull the plug on the show for the good of their family.

    Historically, Hollywood life has not been good to people, especially couples and child actors. It's probably not much different for stars of reality shows. At least, I wouldn't want to find out at the risk of my family.