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I've had some really bad luck with my teeth over the years. It all started with being in braces for 3 years as a child and it's been pretty much downhill from there. Don't get me wrong, my teeth are nice and straight, but I'm not sure how much that's gonna count if I end up with false ones some day. Oy. I've got fillings everywhere, and when I was pregnant with Kyle, I had to have a root canal. Those are fun, let me tell ya. I'll admit that some of it has been my fault, but I think some of it is also some unfortunate genetics. And I've heard that having babies and nursing is hard on your teeth, too. So I got that little dental bonus, too. Times four.

So I'm really only a couple of months overdue for a check-up. I've been meaning to call the new dentist for weeks and today was going to be the day because, well, I have a problem. Great. No teeth have been bothering me, everything has seemed fine. Then a few days ago I noticed that when I flossed between two of my teeth that it hurt. Really hurt. It doesn't hurt otherwise, not even when I chew, but when I floss there, OUCH! And guess what? It's in the same spot as the other side of my mouth where I had to have the root canal done.

Of course, I got busy doing things today and totally forgot to make the call. Now I have to wait until Tuesday and stew over what lovely procedure may be awaiting me. If, heaven forbid, it would mean another root canal (which they'll have to tie me up and gag me for), Shaun will probably have me out on the street with a tin can. Please, PLEASE, don't let it be anything major. Stupid teeth.


  1. Leanne said...


    I've been doing pretty well with the dentist over the last few months...knock on wood. But I've had enough battles in the past that I can sympathize. Good luck!!

  2. Proud Parents of Halainah Grace said...

    I have been meaning to comment on your post...the weekend just got away from me. I am like your twin in this instance. I have terrible teeth. They look great, perfectly straight and white even with white fillings but I must have had each tooth drilled at least 4 times each. My dentist says it is genetics because I cry to him as I don't understand how I could take such good care of them and they are still bad. Well, my dentist, the only one I allow to touch my teeth does not accept our new insurance. And I am afraid to try a new one so needless to say, It has been a while and I am way past due for an exam. I started feeling a little discomfort in one tooth and I have been ignoring it. I don't even want to think about it right now.
    Let me know how you make out and I pray it is something little. By the way, Tony has had only 1 itsy bitsy cavity in his whole life. Not Fair!
    Much Love,