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8:55 PM Posted by Natalie

Well, the dreaded stomach bug has made it through 4 out of the 6 of us. I fell victim on Friday. Seems I can never avoid it when the kids get it. I've had it practically every year since Joey was born. Every time I wash my hands until they literally bleed, despite the fact that I know it is probably to no avail. After all, I was exposed to it before anyone got sick, and then it is likely too late. Ah, well....such is life and I am better now. It's just been a really tough time to have it going through the house with the move and Christmas right around the corner.

In other news, it seems that we are still on track to close on the house on Friday (fingers crossed). The seller's realtor came by yesterday to get the lock box off the door and put the sold sign out. Once those papers are signed and the deal is finally done, I will finally feel more at home here. The boys are totally enjoying being free to run and play outside and ride their bikes. We were on such a busy road at the old house that that just wasn't possible without an adult going along with them. Now I can watch from the house and know they are safe. They have already made some friends and it pleases me to no end. This is what being a kid is all about and I feel like we are finally somewhere they are able to do more of that good kid stuff.

Our next door neighbor came by today with her 2 girls, one 9 and one 7, so perfect ages for the boys. She brought a plate of little Christmas goodies and I was so impressed! I didn't realize people still did that and I am glad to be joining a community where they do. However, I was not happy that I looked like a complete bum! Recovering from battling the super puke bug all week is not the best look, let me tell ya. Oh well, we're going to be here for a long time to come, so surely she'll see me on some of my better days ;) Interestingly enough, while we were chatting she asked about where the boys go to school. As it turns out, her girls go to school very near where Joey and Alec do! Perhaps down the road that might even be a possible carpool. I wouldn't mind going somewhere nearby for her girls if she wouldn't mind doing it for my boys. Something to think about, that's for sure.

There's still a lot to do between now and Christmas. The craziness of this past week with the sickness and all has put me way behind where I'd like to be. I hope to have Christmas decorations up and do the trip to see Santa this weekend. It's going to be busy, busy. But I just keep reminding myself that after this year, things we'll be much more settled, though probably not less crazy!

Okay, off to do some online shopping! It may be the only way I can get things done!


  1. Proud Parents of Halainah Grace said...

    This is wonderful News Natalie. I just know God will see you thru all of this.