Back online! Please pray for my sanity

12:06 AM Posted by Natalie

Perhaps you didn't even know I was gone ;) We moved into our new house last weekend. However, the loan process has been a huge disaster and we have STILL not closed on the house. The seller agreed to let us take early possession and we figured we would be closing this Friday. That is not going to happen. She was kind enough (very, very kind) to let us have the house rent-free this past week, but the agreement was that if we didn't close on the date we were supposed to, we would start paying rent of $25/day until we close. I cannot begin to tell you how many problems we have had with the process of refinancing our old house, renting it out, and getting the loan for this house. We had been told (lied to) that this would not be a problem, that it was done all the time. Had we known what a difficulty this would be and how close we would come to being left homeless with 4 children right before Christmas, we never would have done it. We had a house. Maybe we didn't think it was the best house, but it was a house, and we could've stayed there until we had all of this figured out.

I won't even begin to get into the details of what has transpired because it's just too much and I don't even understand half of it. It suffices to say that Wells Fargo screwed us BIG TIME. It seems that now, working with like the 5th or 6th different person, things are finally starting to fall into place. However, we've had to make a lot of adjustments and come up with some creative solutions to the mess we were put in the middle of. We are having to come up with a downpayment on the house that we were not anticipating, money we do not have. Today we had to pay for a second inspection because we'd already had one done through the original company we were working with and the new bank has to have its own. We had no choice but to continue with the process and do whatever we could to get this done because we have renters living in our house and a woman moved into her new one, counting on the sale of this one. We got screwed and now we just gotta do what we gotta do. I just want to feel like I am living in MY HOME instead of someone else's house, which is technically what we are doing right now.

Meanwhile, as we try to dig out of this mess and settle in here, the stomach flu is raging through the house. Alec started with it Monday night and I had him at Urgent Care this morning. It looks like he has finally kicked it. Lauren got sick this morning, and Kyle got it tonight. Kids have been puking in beds, on floors, the couch, clothes, whatever, and we have been running laundry non-stop. Nevermind that we can't find a damn thing and are far from even looking settled, we needed a good dose of the stomach flu thrown in for good measure. AHHHH!!!

So maybe it's a bit of a pity party. Yep, it is. I'm so freakin' tired, I'm angry, I'm scared, I've been without internet since last Friday, my hands are so dry and cracked from washing and cleaning that they're bleeding, and I'm sick of puke. There are still 3 of us left that could end up with it. Wouldn't that be fun? No sign of Christmas around this house. Heck, our Christmas stuff is still in the stupid storage locker! I know I still have much to be thankful for and shouldn't take for granted. I know. But yeah, I'm back online and throwing one heck of a pity party tonight to celebrate!


  1. Angie Vinez said...

    You poor thing. Moving SUCKS, and this has certainly been a nightmare for you.

    I miss you! :( My online life just isn't the same without my bestest buddy here with me!

    I hope it all gets straightened around soon!

  2. Proud Parents of Halainah Grace said...

    Natalie, I am just now getting around to reading your 12/10 entry. I am so sorry to hear of how much of a nightmare things have turned into. Please know that we are here for you. You are all in our prayers.