A Testament to Life

10:26 PM Posted by Natalie

I told the story last week of the very early arrival of my stepsister's baby at about 28 weeks. I am happy to tell you that tiny Marcy is doing remarkably well. She has now been taken completely off of the oxygen, off of the bili lights, and no more IV....just a tube in her nose where she is getting mommy's milk. Isn't that amazing? Just look at her:

Now, being Catholic and pro-life, of course this also got me thinking about a truly tragic and horribly sad fact....babies just like little Marcy are aborted and/or left to die in this country every day. When they are born alive, they are put in closets and left alone as they take their last breaths. Or, they are partially delivered, then stabbed in the head to have their brains sucked out until their skull collapses. With Barack Obama in the White House, the Freedom of Choice Act is likely to become a reality. Obama, known for his support for leaving children born alive as the result of a "botched" abortion (I'd call it a miracle) to die. Why? Some liberal spin about it placing undue burden on the mother and physicians or some such abominable nonsense. He also voted against the ban on partial-birth abortion because he believes in exceptions in the case of the health of the mother.

Now let me tell you something here...my stepsister was at great risk as she carried little Marcy as long as she could. Without being under the close watch of medical staff in a hospital, she could have hemorrhaged and possibly bled to death. Fortunately, they kept the bleeding under control and it was contractions that couldn't be stopped that forced Marcy's early delivery. But had it been because they couldn't control the bleeding, the result would have been the same. No, Marcy did not need to be murdered to save Keri's life! The goal in any such situation should be to save BOTH the mother and the baby. It is never necessary to murder a baby to save the mother. In fact, I believe even the AMA has said so.

Meanwhile, my friend Tony and his wife Deanna have had to jump through hoops upside down and backwards to the point of being emotionally and financially drained to adopt a child from China. We don't have enough babies here for couples who cannot have their own because they are being murdered. Babies these couples would give anything to have and to love. Babies just like precious Marcy, who is perfect from head-to-toe and living and breathing on her own at least 10 weeks before she should have even been born.


  1. Proud Parents of Halainah Grace said...

    Natalie, what a true miracle my friend. Marcy is absolutely gorgeous, and so precious. How can anyone not see the face of God by looking at this tiny child?

    I am over joyed to know your Sister is doing well and that baby Marcy is growing stronger each day.

    Please give them our love.

    You are all in our prayers.

    Tony, Deanna, and Halainah